How is your work made ... ?

My current work is made by wrapping slabs of clay around fabric forms I make and fill with vermiculite. This provides support to the piece while I alter the shape and add details. After the piece becomes leather hard (the point at which the clay is dry enough to support itself), I cut it open and remove the form. The piece is then carefully joined together. Sculptures must all have vent holes to allow heated air inside to escape. Otherwise it can crack or pop in the kiln resulting in weeping and gnashing of teeth. Check out the step by step instructions in the slab demo pages.

My surface decoration is called a cold finish. This is a high falootin' way of saying paint, which is what it is. I apply a base coat color and then use as many as seven coats of diluted acrylic paint to get the desired effect. I also use Prisma pencils to add line and textures as well as using colored waxes (Rub and Buff). The finish is sealed with a matte medium. More and more, I am thinking of my work as a three dimensional canvas.
What materials do you use ... ?

I use a white earthenware body for my work. Clay fired in the low fire range is porous and will readily accept the surface decoration. My sculptures are fired once to over 1900 degrees. I have increasingly been adding some mixed media elements to work...polymer clay, found objects, etc.

Is you current work waterproof ... ?

No, because it is low fired and not glazed, vessels cannot be used as vases for fresh flowers. It would be possible to insert a glass vase inside to hold water. I recommend using dried or artificial materials instead.

Where do you get your inspiration ... ?

You’d be amazed by the number of people who ask me if I’m inspired by drugs. Yeah, I know they’re trying to be funny. Drugs are about the only things that don’t inspire me. I like advertising art, Greek mythology, just about any folk art, pop culture. I take my inspiration anywhere I can find it. 

Are your pieces limited editions ... ?

A limited edition refers to work that is mechanically produced: for example, prints from original paintings or sculptures made by molds. These are usually numbered. I will do several pieces with the same theme, but each one is handmade and original and no two are alike. 

Are your pieces molded ... ?

I do not currently slip cast work, although I have in the past. I know there is a sort of prejudice against slip casting, but really it's just another way of forming clay. It is not a magical process in which you can just quickly produce work...at least when I do it. I created my models, made my own molds from scratch, poured the slip, and added parts to the body of the clay to produce the final piece.
Do you do custom work ...?

No, because of my schedule, I do not do custom work. 

Do you ship ...?

I will ship. However, as you probably know, this has become increasingly expensive. And of course there’s the whole breakage thing. The best idea is to visit me at a show (click on show schedule). That way you will see the range of my work and get exactly what you want. And you won’t have to pay for shipping. And we’ll both be happy!