Slab Construction Technique Using Internal Support

Victoria Sexton

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                                                               Enclosing the Cylinder
Now you are ready to add the bottom. Add a line of slip around the basic perimeter of the bottom and place the slab wrapped pillow on top. (6) Cut around the form about 1 wider than the perimeter of the head. Pull up the seam allowance and knit it to the sides. (7) 
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This piece will be closed at the top. I want a dome shape to the top so I place a pad of paper towels on top of the pillow. (8) Cut small wedged shaped sections around the top edge. (9) Fold the flanges towards the center and knit them together. (10) I usually add a circle of clay to the top in order to further strengthen it. (11) 
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                                           Preparing the Cylinder for Adding Features 

The form is almost ready for adding details. I use a serrated rib to level the surface, adding clay to any indentations. (12) Use the flat side of the rib to smooth over the entire piece. (13) 
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